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Why We're THE RIGHT CHOICE! Since 1994

Crafted in 1993, Primetime Audio Video originally began as Stateline Satellite & Antenna with a single core purpose to deliver the best customer experience along with the best value. Even though over the years the name has changed, the owners along with the original purpose has not changed. Primetime Audio Video has a passion to display, educate and install the best quality and value oriented products available that with help create memorable life moments for you and your family. Being locally-owned and operated Primetime will easily offer the best pricing, best selection along with the best support, so please stop by or give us a call and experience what Primetime has to offer.

Over 25 YearsWith over 25 years Primetime Audio Video has been a staple in Northern Illinois for providing the latest and best in consumer electronics since 1994. Not only do we provide audio and video products and services for your home or business we can help you whether you're a do-it-yourself-er or need our installation services, you can rely on our knowledge and customer service.
10,000 SQ. FT.With A Showroom of 10,000 SQ. FT. we are partners with the Brands we sell and pride ourselves on the very best customer experience.
150 YearsOur highly trained staff has over 150 years of combined combined experience and there passion for the industry is still growing and their commitment to customer service will never cease.
Over 15 YearsPrimetime has been a active member of the industries very best buying groups for over 15 years providing us access to the very best industries brands making sure we can offer the very best price on what we sell. Two times now we have been named the 2008 Home Entertainment Source Group and 2018 ProSource Group "Dealer of the Year"

Meet Our Team

Austin Shafer Joined the Team in 2016 Austin has a drive to become an industry expert in sales and design of entertainment. Austin doesn't have as many years under his belt as others but with his desire to be the best at assisting clients on home entertainment options Primetime has no doubt he will achieve his goals. Austin's past work has included the food industry, HVAC, roofing, vehicle mechanic and ended up working at HHGregg in Florida. Austin wanted to move closer to his grandfather and relocated to Rockford's HHGregg location. Once they announced the store was closing, Austin realized his calling was home entertainment, so Austin walked across the street to Primetime Audio Video. Primetime's team spent a couple hours speaking with him and once we got to know Austin, the team at Primetime knew he would be a great fit. With little coaching, Austin has become a strong member of the team perfecting knowledge across many offerings at Primetime Audio Video. When Austin isn't at work, he is more than likely handing his grandfather tools while they work on cars including Austin's own classic truck or spending time with his daughter "which involves her watching him play video games".
Brian Litoborski - Lead Technician Joined the Team in 2009 Brian has a love for music, from being an avid guitarist to experimenting with different amplifiers and speakers, he is a true audio guy. Brian's love of music pushed him into the world of selling audio and video products which ultimately landed him installing the products he loved for Primetime Audio Video. Brian began his career working at Blue Shirt box store in the home theater department, it did not take him long to oversee that department. Brian's passion soon pushed him to look for the next step in his career of becoming a technician and knew that a box store would not fulfill that desire. Brian reached out to the team at Primetime and we were excited to help mold Brian to become a custom installer. Brian is a very talented individual has become certified in many areas, he is a master technician in all segments of his job. Brian is very motivated to deliver a perfected product and experience to all of his clients and team members. When Brian is not wiring a rack of equipment he is likely found playing basketball, hockey, fishing, skiing, hunting, basically he is not someone that enjoys being home. Brian enjoys spending time with friends at the lake in Michigan or playing a round of golf at some of the top courses in America.
Chad Parriott - Lead Technician Joined the Team in 2002 Chad has been an electronics junkie since high school, his interest began with custom car audio like many in this industry. Chad later took his love of zip-ties and wiring and applied it to a new career working on State Highway trucks where he also learned the difficult craft of welding. Chad's knowledge of intricate wiring and detail of welding was spot on for Primetime, during that time Primetime was fabricating custom C-Band satellite mounts and a custom welder was greatly needed. Shortly after Chad came on board, his hands-on approach and ability to understand technology allowed Chad to quickly become a Cedia certified installer and become a lead technician for the Primetime team. Chad is a technology master trained and certified in many segments of our industry, Chad continues to look ahead and always be in tune of the latest up and coming technology to ensure clients are taken care of with perfection. When Chad isn't in his mobile Primetime office, he spends most his time at Menards shopping for tools and materials for at-home projects. Chad is a family man that loves camping is his overbuilt camper and loves having all of his friends and family gather at his house for a great BBQ on his overbuilt grill.
Dan Stogsdill Joined the Team in 2003 Dan is a musician at heart, touring with bands across the country overseeing the soundboard operations as well as managing their recording. With Dan's understanding and love of music and sound Dan pursued a career in the Audio and Video industry back in 1993. Dan's in-depth knowledge on audio and spending 10 years educating and selling audio and video experiences has made him a natural fit at Primetime Audio Video. When Dan started at Primetime in 2003, things were very different and on a much smaller scale. With his background, Dan assisted us in picking key products and developing processes in store and with customers that would help Primetime grow over the years. When Dan is not at Primetime, he enjoys listening to music and attending as many concerts as humanly possible. Dan is also a die-hard sports fan enjoining his favorite teams, the Chicago White Sox and the Green Bay Packers, if you call that sports!
Dirk Dutton - General Manager Joined the Team in 2000 Dirk has a long history of working with audio, video, and custom installation since 1993. Dirk always tries to stay ahead of the curve of where technology is heading, that is why he almost always has the answer to anything. Dirk's varied experience includes a background in home, business, and 12volt vehicle and marine custom installation and sales for Absolute Audio/Video and since 2000 had an instrumental role in crafting Primetime Audio Video into what it is today. When Dirk is not overseeing operations or a project, he is more than likely spending time with his family. He is also likely to be found at a local watering hole or out on his boat. Dirk also holds many awards and certifications for his continued involvement in the industry.
Eric Brostrom – Co-Founder Formed the team in 1994 Eric began a life of cable TV and C-band satellite shortly after high school, working at the local Cable company as well as running one of the first C-band satellite companies around. His knowledge of RF distribution and wanting to create the ultimate customer experience lead him on a path to form Stateline Satellite in 1994. Eric was a master Satellite technician back when a Satellite Dish was bigger than a car, he installed and serviced these massive complicated devices in homes as well as businesses across North America. His attention to detail and desire to fulfill peoples lives with entertainment and happiness was only blocked by his employers not wanting to focus on the customer only the profit of the sale. Because of this Eric began a path to push the boundaries and open his own installation and service company with his core values, honesty, integrity, and trust. Over the years the company has grown and evolved, but the original core values are still Eric's top priorities and everyone on his team are educated to live and work each day with those same values. When Eric is not doing anything that has to do with Primetime, which is very challenging for him! He always takes time to enjoy nature with a walk or run through the forest preserve, a bicycle ride to the Lombardi Club "although we never hear about the ride back" or enjoying a nice glass of wine by the fire.
Jorge Lopez - Technician Joined the Team in 2013 Jorge is a genuine person that has a great attitude and is always eager to learn something new and quickly apply it without fear. Jorge was originally hired to run our mall kiosk location to sell personal electronics and Satellite TV. Once Primetime realized what a great employee Jorge was, we quickly relocated him to our installation division. Jorge had never thought that this would even be a possibility. He was excited for this new chapter in his life, with his excitement and positive attitude, Jorge has become a great technician for Primetime. Jorge has easily learned the skills it takes to deliver the experience Primetime prides itself for, and Jorge does it with ease. Jorge loves working with new customers as well as loves that every house is a new experience. When Jorge isn't crawling around in someone's attic he is likely to be found enjoying German automobiles. Jorge has a love for BMWs and anything that has to do with them. Jorge also has a love for soccer and can be found supporting his favorite teams shouting words nobody else understands.
Keegan West Joined the Team in 2011 Keegan is a lifelong enthusiast of home entertainment, purchasing his first pair of Klipsch speakers when he was just a teenager. Keegan's passion for HiFi and technology continues even when he is not at the office. Keegan's past experiences have been in the IT world, Vinyl car wraps as well as working at a HiFi store while in college. With his drive and knowledge, Primetime was grateful to welcome him to the team and now Keegan helps lead the custom design and sales department for Primetime Audio Video. When Keegan is not drafting a proposal or meeting with a designer for a project, you can probably find him at his neighborhood restaurant wearing a polo or enjoying one of his many cars or his boat. Keegan's enjoyment of the finer things in life and his drive for success will help Primetime Audio Video's continued success going forward.
Tom Priola - Co-Founder Formed the team in 1994 Tom has been a technology geek since he was a kid, always tinkering with electronics and wondering on how things worked. Not only with being interested in electronics Tom also had a passion to be an entrepreneur and a team leader since he was a teen. Tom has created many successful companies and never being able to escape his love of technology and a new interest in Satellite TV, he formed what is now known as Primetime Audio Video with a vision to bring a best-in-class experience to the local market. Tom's drive to create a cutting-edge brand never stops, he is always looking how to bring Primetime to the next level, not just on expertise but also execution and customer experience. Tom is also an active member of North America's largest buying group, Prosource, and has received many industry and vendor awards through his success and involvement with the group. If Tom is not at Primetime he is more than likely working from home "all hours of the night". When he manages to break himself free, it usually involves a road trip to see family or friends, a day trip on his Harley or showing his support and giving his input at one of his favorite local businesses.
Will Rowell Joined the Team in 2006 Will has been an audiophile for many years, he is the proud owner of some of the best electronics available. Will's drive for audio and video perfection shows whether he is educating customers, associates or challenging manufacture reps. Will's history is very diverse from being a corrections officer, to managing a team at Motorola, to working in the Audio department at Best Buy. When Primetime Audio Video heard that Will was thinking about working at a specialty electronics store, Primetime wanted to be first in line. Will has proven to be best-in-class with all customers as well as with coaching all of us at Primetime Audio Video in the world of HiFi. If Will isn't working at Primetime "which is rare" he is with his family, and more than likely educating them on audio, or you can find him online enjoying his 2nd passion which is gaming. With his love of audio and video Will can always be found listening to something from his vast collection of music and movies that would even make Sam Goody jealous.
Randy Stukenberg Joined the Team in 2019 Randy has been involved in selling, designing, and installing HiFi equipment since 1977. Lots of things have changed since the 70’s but Randy’s love for Audio Video has not. Randy was raised working on the family farm and because of that Randy understands the value of hard work and integrity. Randy started his career selling and installing car audio that naturally paved his way into home electronics. Randy created his own home entertainment installation company called Sound Ideas back in 1993. Randy was able to forge many great relationships over these years by creating and delivering over the top customer experiences. Randy knew that Primetime held the same passion for delivering a great experience like Sound Ideas, and after many brain storming sessions, Primetime is proud to have Randy become part of the team. When Randy isn’t taking a client call or troubleshooting a Yamaha receiver, he is likely to be found playing the guitar or at a record show, either selling or buying vinyl. Randy has the largest vinyl collection of all, totaling over 7000 records.
Jameson Griffin Joined the Team in 2023 Jameson's lifelong passion for electronics, from crafting custom computers to designing personalized audio/video setups, has steered his diverse career journey. This tech-driven enthusiasm led him to Primetime, where his love for music and movies found a perfect home. With a background spanning roles from full-service mechanic to Best Buy's exploration of home theater and audio, Jameson brings a wealth of experience. His desire for more ambitious and customized projects brought him to Primetime, where his lifelong fascination with electronics and insatiable appetite for learning make him a valuable addition to the team. Outside of work, he indulges in a diverse range of music and movies. When not immersed in the world of technology, Jameson can be found skateboarding, fishing, and cherishing moments with friends and family.


Locally Owned & Operated! We started in 1993 as "Stateline Satellite" and have grown into one of the country's leading Audio/Video Specialty Retailers. We're still the same local-passionate-helpful folks we were then. Hello Neighbor!